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Weed Control

For professional weed control, call 606-438-3528.

For commercial fertilization, or residential fertilization, we can help you!

We are a company that soil tests your yard, and with those records, we can get your yard looking at its best.

Balance of nutrients in your soil is essential for a healthy yard. We send our samples to a trusted place that gives us accurate results every time. And then we go by those samples to determine what your yard needs. We don’t just guess.

We apply pelletized lime for soil ph balance, and also for calcium balance.

We apply PreEmergence for weed seed control. Especially crab grass control. Crab grass will take over a yard and then after the first killing frost, it will leave big brown patches in your yard.

We also spray herbicide for weed control. We can spray just about any weed that you are having trouble with. Because of our relationship with a large landscape supply company, we can get many different sprays to take care of many different weeds.

We also spray kudzu. We can kill the growth that is visible, however repeated applications will be needed to keep it in check.

Not interested in herbicides? We do Organic Lawn Care! It's natural, it's healthy, and it works! Imagine your family being able to play, work, and live on a green yard, that is totally natural! Call now to book a visit with Joe to discuss your yards needs @ 606-438-3528.

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